Medicare Annual Open Enrollment

The Medicare annual open enrollment has begun  and will end on Dec 7th. During this time anyone on Medicare can enroll in a Medicare insurance plan or make changes to their current plan.

Health Insurance

The annual open enrollment for individual health insurance will end on Jan. 15th. After that time only those who have a qualifying event in order to obtain health insurance.


The federal marketplace has been updated to reflect the increased subsidies provided by the American Recovery Act. If you currently have an Obamacare plan, you must update your information on in order to receive the higher subsidies.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment

The Centers For Medicare Services has announced that they are extending the health insurance open enrollment to Aug. 15th. Also, the tax subsidies available to those who purchase health insurance form have been increased.

The American Recovery Act

The American Recovery Act passed by congress increases the tax subsidies available to individuals who purchase their health insurance from one of the health insurance exchanges.  This provision will lower the cost of health insurance to millions of individuals and families who purchase private insurance.

Health Insurance Tax Credit

The health insurance tax credit you qualify for is based on the number of dependents on the your tax return, not the number of people applying for coverage. An example would be a single mom with two kids covered by Florida’s Kidcare program. When she enrolls in a health insurance plan through, when will … Read more

Dental Insurance

Did you know that a good dental plan can cost as little as $14.00 per month or $26.00 for a family. Don’t put off needed dental work, get a good dental plan today.

Obamacare Open Enrollment

The Federal health insurance marketplace will reopen on Feb. 15th and stay open through May 15th. During this time any legal U.S. resident can sign up for a health insurance plan with no health questions asked. In addition, many will qualify for tax credits to help lower their monthly costs based on their income.

Obamacare News

President Biden will soon sign an executive order that will reopen the Health insurance exchange for several months to allow those who missed the last open enrollment to obtain health insurance. This will help the millions of Americans who have lost their employer based health insurance due to the pandemic. The new administration is also … Read more